The School Bell Rang…..

We were at Mil-lel Primary School and Claire, Matilda & myself were in the middle of our math lesson.  We were about 10 minutes into our lesson when the bell went & we were in trouble! Mrs Julia Skinner (our teacher) lead us out of our classroom and out to the front of our school. There was about 150 kids gathering outside, and it was very loud from all the chatting about what was happening. Claire & I went to ask a teacher what was happening, and as we were walking towards Mrs Julia we saw Jason Martin sneaking back into the school, so we followed him. “We shouldn’t’ve done this.” said Claire….

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  1. Ed at |

    This is clever. I expected the trouble to be about why the bell sounded. But the sounding of the bell actually led to the yrouble – the girls sneaking off to follow the boy. I wonder what they discovered…

    Ed [Team 100]


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